Botani Purify Facial Cleanser- 100ml

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A gentle & refreshing gel based facial cleanser and make up remover for all skin types. 

Start your day with a clean slate with Botáni’s Purify Facial Cleanser.
A unique gel- based cleanser with hydrating and antibacterial botanicals that leaves your skin clean, hydrated and refreshed.  Suitable for all skin types – especially oily, combination, blemish and acne prone skin. This lightly foaming formulation uses only gentle botanical surfactants to gently remove impurities, respecting the skin's natural protective oils.

How will it change your life (ok, your skin):

- Sulphate-free, pH balanced, non-abrasive gel cleanser with foaming action removes impurities and balances excess sebum without stripping away natural oils.
- Contains naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturising actives to soothe skin and prevent pimples, blackheads and blemishes.
- Gentle makeup remover (water based) and all-purpose shaving lather with a refreshing lemon-scented tea tree aroma.