Brauer Calm Everyday Stress Oral Spray- 20ml

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Calm Oral Spray includes ingredients such as Passionflower and Zinc which are traditionally used in homoeopathic medicine to help relieve stress and mild anxiety. Calm may, therefore, help you to relax and unwind, helping you to cope better with the effects of stress and provide temporary relief from symptoms including irritability, restlessness and insomnia.

Each 1 mL contains: Cocculus 4X, 50 μL; Helonias 4X, 50 μL; Ignatia 4X, 50 μL; Nux vom. 6C, 1.67 μL; Passiflora 1X, 50 μL; Phosphoricum acidum 5X, 60 μL; Sepia 4X, 50 μL and Zincum met. 10X, 5 μL.