Heel Viburcol 1ml Oral Liquid x 15 Drinkable Ampoules

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Viburcol is effective for the treatment of restlessness, minor infections (with or without fever) and pain such as teething and colic, thanks to the healing properties of Chamomilla and the five other ingredients it is composed of.


  • Tempers fever while allowing continuance of one of the body's vital defence mechanisms.
  • Very well tolerated with no known side effects, medicinal interactions or contraindications. 
  • Conveniently available in one single and effective medication.

Oral vials: 1 vial (1 ml) contains: medicinal ingredients: Plantago major D4 25 mg; Pulsatilla pratensis D6 50 mg; Solanum dulcamara D6 25 mg; Belladonna D6 11 mg; Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni D8 75 mg; Matricaria recutita D4; Plantago major D4 25mg Non-medicinal ingredients: sodium chloride, purified water.