Normafibe- 500g


Normafibe is a fibre supplement.  It is not designed to replace the fibre in a healthy diet but to make up for a fibre deficiency in a highly efficient form. Normafibe is as natural as the source of its fibre, sterculia, from the beautiful Sterculia Urens tree of central India. Normafibe helps regulate your irritable bowel by 'reminding' your bowel what it does best - moving bulk along.  Because it works in your bowel not your stomach, there's no bloating.  Because it works without bacterial breakdown, there's no gas to cause 'wind'.  It's very efficient.  A small, convenient dose of Normafibe swallowed with plenty of water creates sufficient smooth, gentle bulk to help move your body into a more regular, predictable rhythm. So natural and normal you can have Normafibe if you're pregnant.

Sucrose coated granules containing Sterculia. Each 7 grams of Normacol Plus (equivalent to one heaped medicinal teaspoonful of granules) contains 1.72 g of available carbohydrate equivalent to 6.75 Kcal and approximately 4.5 g Sterculia and 0.5 g Frangula bark powder.