Noshu Caramel Spice Donut- 12 Pack


Noshu’s baked, gluten free, no-added-sugar cake donuts are low carb and average only 130 calories per serve. Each donut has less carbs, less sugar and more fibre than a medium apple, making them an ideal diabetic and carb conscious snack.

Noshu Guilt Free Donuts are made with all natural colours and flavours and only the highest quality virgin organic coconut oil – rich in medium chain fatty acids, which are known for their thermogenic effect.

Popular amongst the Paleo and Keto communities, their light and moist cake-like texture is thanks to a unique recipe comprised of low-starch, grain-free flours and fibres including coconut flour and pumpkin purée. Designed to be an allergy-aware treat, Noshu donuts are made without nuts to be lunchbox friendly, made with no added dairy products or preservatives.


Serving size : 45g
Based on the average quantity per serving
Energy  : 495kj Calories  : 119cal
Protein  : 4.0g Sugars*  : 1.4g
Fat, total : 8.4g Trans fats : 0g
Saturated fat** : 6.2g Gluten : Nil detected
Carbohydrate : 3.8g Sodium : 77mg
Fibre, total : 4.6g Soluble fibre : 1.7g

* Naturally occurring, not added. Fructose free.
** Largely derived from virgin organic coconut oil

Allergens: Contains egg and soy (non GMO)